MCCPTA is hosting our 2nd “ENGAGE!” community conversation on Saturday, Sept. 26, 10am-11am. Our first event last month was the result of dozens of you who wanted to talk about how to engage families virtually. Great ideas, projects and best practices were shared. From that we’re hosting monthly “ENGAGE!” conversations for PTA leaders, members, parents, families, students, educators and community leaders who want to be part of SOLUTIONS to support students and families through virtual learning and a world impacted by COVID.
This month we’ll share moderated discussions on 5 topics affecting our communities:

  • Meeting Basic Needs
  • Learning Support
  • Mental Health
  • Reaching Diverse Communities
  • VIrtual PTA Programs

As a PTA leader this is worth an hour of your Saturday morning. These discussions can help you focus on the PTA Mission with meaningful outreach and service to your members, families and entire school community. Remember: EVERYONE is welcome. So please sign up yourself, then share the attached fliers widely in your communications and social media, and with your circle of contacts, colleagues and friends.
The more ideas, the merrier. 
I look forward to engaging with you. 
Tracie PottsMCCPTA Engagement Vice ChairMCPS-MCCPTA Family Engagement Advisory Team co-leadNational PTA Family Engagement Fellow & Board Member#HowDoYouPTA