Travilah Elementary School PTA Fundraisers (2019-2020)

Hello Travilah Families!

We hope your child’s school year is off to a great start!  The Travilah PTA is a great way for you and your family to get involved and show your support to the teachers, school and community.   Since all of our funding comes solely from fundraising efforts and membership dues, your support is what will continue to allow us to make Travilah Elementary School the best it can be for our children and the community!  Your generosity allows the PTA to sponsor different after school activities that can enhance your child’s education such as the chess club and various foreign language clubs.   In addition, your support makes it possible for the PTA to contribute to the needs of the students and teachers by providing more educational resources for classrooms, the media center and the music department.

  • On average it takes about $ 42,000 a year in our operating budget for us to be able to run these programs and provide educational resources and support to the staff and students.
  • With your help and support, we are hoping to raise $20,000 so that we can continue to provide these fantastic programs and educational support to our school!
  • We plan to achieve this goal by having 2 fun and family friendly fundraisers this year!
    • The first is the Book Fair which will be held in the media   center from November 4th through Nov 14th.
    • The second event will be the Boosterthon, a 9-day, interactive fundraiser that kicks off March 23rd.

Thank you for your support! We are looking forward to a great year ahead!

Katie Basilio and Robyn Bender