Advertising Guidelines and Policy

All paid advertising must meet the following criteria:

  • No paid advertising shall conflict with the PTA’ mission, policies, or the School curriculum or instructional program.
  • No paid advertising shall promote hostility, disorder or violence.
  • No paid advertising shall attack, demean, ridicule or disparage based upon membership in any group identified in state and federal anti-discrimination laws and/or in the MCPS’s nondiscrimination policies.
  • No paid advertising shall be libellous.
  • No paid advertising shall endorse a political cause, political activity, political party or candidate for political office or position.
  • No paid advertising shall promote drugs, alcohol, tobacco, firearms or gambling.
  • No paid advertising shall be inconsistent with the School and PTA’s nutrition guidelines and the School and PTA’s wellness policy.
  • No paid advertising shall adversely affect the School and PTA’s reputation or image.
  • No paid advertising shall advance or endorse any religious organization.
    No paid advertising shall promote non-district programs or services that the Montgomery County Public Schools offers.
  • All paid advertisements of $250 or more must be approved by the PTA board before being displayed.
  • Decisions made regarding paid advertising must be viewpoint neutral in light of the purpose served by the school. Decisions made by the PTA board on whether to allow or disallow paid advertising shall be final.
  • All paid advertising must be documented by a contract signed on the PTA side.
    No paid advertising contract shall be of duration of more than one year without prior Board approval.
  • Advertising is separate from content. Advertisers and sponsors have no advance knowledge of specific editorial content, nor do the editors shape content to accommodate advertising.
  • Travilah PTA will not sell advertising for a specific product on the condition that it appear in the same location, and at the same time, as a specific article mentioning the product.
  • Advertisers do not influence any editorial decisions or advertising guidelines for the website or for publications.
  • Advertising copy must be factual and in good taste..
  • Advertising should not conflict with the charitable and educational activities of Travilah PTA.
  • Advertising cannot market products or services directly to children.