Original Works Fundraiser is BACK!

Check your student’s backpack for their Original Works fundraiser magnet just after Spring Break.   You may purchase this magnet and many other fun items featuring your child’s own original artwork.  These items will arrive just in time for dads and grads and make great gifts for all your friends and family, far and near, who know and love your artist.  Place your order by Friday, April 29th using the ordering information included with the magnet. (If you do not purchase any items, you must return the magnet to the school).  Contact Holly Akli with questions. 240-751-2284 or mooserdva@yahoo.com

Fun Run | 3 weeks away

We’re 3 weeks away from kicking off our Travilah Elementary Fun Run fundraiser for all things school support. Why is fundraising so important right now for our school? Check out the NEW Character traits your student(s) will be learning soon in this year’s theme, Sports City Worldwide! 

Mathematics Information Night | Thursday 2/10/22

The MCCPTA Gifted Ed Committee is presenting a Mathematics Information Night on Thursday 2/10/22.  The below info (in English, Spanish, and Chinese) can be copied and pasted for inclusion in newsletters, ConnectEd messages, etc. We’ve also provided a link to this information below and a link to flyers below.

Here’s a link to the promotional ad in English, Spanish, and Chinese https://docs.google.com/document/d/1gxf2WO0lArBz2gvOyHmT_yFBj5qDUtq3Xej2BeTWAMM/edit

Link to PDF Flyers https://drive.google.com/file/d/1XlQ0DvdYzEdhGMWt3TN8JM84OzT4ZtXm/preview

Link to downloadable PDF Flyers https://drive.google.com/file/d/1XlQ0DvdYzEdhGMWt3TN8JM84OzT4ZtXm/edit

The event will be offered with software-generated simultaneous captions in Spanish. However, shortly after the presentation we plan to distribute the translated slide deck in multiple languages.