MCEA teacher’s union information

MCEA is the teacher’s union in Montgomery County and they wanted to communicate to parents the process where MCEA pays parents to distribute Apple Ballots for voting.   Below is the information about signing up. 

1.       Here is the sign-up form:

2.       My Department’s OS, Jack Delaney, will be tracking sign-ups and assigning them to teams.

3.       This counts as an Apple Ballot Action, meaning you will be entered into the incentive program we announced yesterday once you have 7 parents signed up. 

4.       The training is tentatively scheduled for July 5th and it will be virtual. There will be translation and all materials will be provided in whatever language is needed.

5.       Parents can sign up for as many shifts as they want. 

6.       Once a parent signs up, their CSL can send an email to me requesting all the necessary documents (W9, etc.). 

I’m really excited for us to kick this off, and I think it could be a good opportunity to bring parents that aren’t typically involved in this process into it.