Wootton Cluster Testimony

We Need You for the Wootton Cluster Testimony on Thursday, Nov 8

As you may know, Wootton was due to be the next high school to be renovated beginning in summer 2019.  Due to a change in MCPS policy, no new renovations will occur Countywide until further facility assessments are completed for all schools.  According to MCPS officials regardless of the facility assessment, Wootton will not be fully renovated.  Wootton is nearly 50 years old and is deteriorating.  Needed repairs were put off for years due to the expected full renovation that is no longer occurring.  On Thursday, November 8, your Wootton cluster coordinator will be delivering the cluster testimony at the Board of Education hearing for the Capital Improvement Program (CIP).  Wootton students will also be testifying.  We need a strong turnout to show the Board of Education how important the Wootton modernization is to our community.  Every Wootton cluster school should have representation at the Board of Education’s Capital Improvement Program (CIP) hearing.  Let’s arrive at 6 pm to fill the hearing room with Wootton Cluster families.  Please wear Wootton gear or wear red and we will provide you with signs.  If you are interested in testifying on 11/8, you can sign up here on 10/30 at 9am: https://www.montgomeryschoolsmd.org/boe/community/participation.aspx.

Don’t forget to print and bring your sign!